sarah rau.


The fact that I didn't know how to properly use a camera was but a minor detail.  Looking back, my overwhelming passion for interesting pictures was most likely sparked while studying architecture in college.  I've always been intrigued by patterns, and how things are put together.  It's the tiniest pieces and specific details that inspire me. 

Without knowing where to begin, I can thank the relentless encouragement of a dear friend who finally gave me the courage I needed to go for it. Taking a chance, I took a  job, and I moved to Tennessee.  As any courageous leap will do, it has changed my life.  Anyone can take pictures anywhere.  I've had the distinct opportunity to shoot photos of everything from people, events, food, animals and much more....and in a place some might call Heaven with a Tennessee address -- the Smoky Mountains.

Who knows where this journey will lead?  There's only one certainty:  I will keep allowing my heart to lead the way, because if I do, I can't fail....and, either way, it's bound to be a great adventure!